Do you want your stuff working from home or outside location? We have solution for both.

We have seen very different working methods. We just have learned, that the way we did it a few years ago, is not any more efficient enough today, and we need to change for tomorrow also. Associates are spending lot of time with traveling between offices, home, customers. Saving time, means saving money. Working from home, on location is saving time, office pace, equipment, etc.  



In case your employees are working on different location, in most cases a WebOffice is the suitable solution.

Our WebOffice provides calendar, project management, e-mail client (with spam filter if needed), task allocation, address book, file management, etc., The WebOffice can be connected from any place, where internet connection is available, and offers the possibilities of joint, collaborated work, as it provides the regulated distribution of jobs and access. It can be using special system. (Forbidden to use any other software or outside office equipment.) All users are seeing the same “windows” but the authentication can be individually set. The WebOffice is easy to learn, easy to use. With mobile IT equipments. (Mobile phone, tablet, etc.), with using CalDAV , CardDAV SyncML applications, you can synchronize mobile equipment with your office PC.* (WebOffice apps)

  • Cost (hosted): 4,- € + VAT / month / account
  • Minimal fee: 20,- € + VAT.

For monthly 4€ you will receive a regular system administrator support. No much, is it?

Much can happen if you take action now!Do not hesitate to contac us and start a new parnership!