The quality of our

Our quality policy in four points :

The company concentrates on customers’ satisfaction. We believe that our customers are our partners. With a partner, a personal conversation via drinking a cafe is more important than contact through e-mail or telephone only. To provide information via e-mail is perfect, but to understand our partner’s demand or collecting important details is possible only through personal relation. We have learned, that despite the similarity of businesses are important for taking advantages from experiences, but there is never only one solution and we would like to find the best solution which is suited for the partner, the situation and the philosophy for partner company. Partner means not only sell, but finding the best mutual benefit to do the business. Our company is always turning it’s face towards our clients, that means a workmanlike colleague pick up the phone when you call us, we are not going to set a 72 stage menu to let you wait for your request. Time is money for both of us, so we save it for both of us. Therefore we don’t introduce unnecessary administration, and we do not give you an offer without at least a phone interview. Our preferred form is to rather set the price with you through personal communication.
The IT administrator position is settled in trust at all company. The information is one of the most important values, so in particular we pay attention to safety. So we precisely take care of our client’s economical or technical information. At the determination of the fees we take the client expectation and our capability into consideration so we do not take every business automatically. The programming strategy will be expertly and thoroughly carried out. We do not force unnecessary tools and services to our partners only to increase turnover or to create any other unethical reasons. If you ask for advice from us, we will surely represent it in your best interest. We try to save our customers some of the money it costs to activate our service. We are tending to indicate if products or services would charge our client’s budget unrealistically high price.
Since we did not like the complicated administration, we neither offer it to you. We strongly believe that the ISO 9001 quality management system is good. Therefore, we will not build a system for customers not to operate in a user friendly method and environment. We believe that a well-run company’s standard prescribed process is already in place, but the company may not be aware of it. Before redundant controllers are about to be built in, be sure to look at how the system has worked so far. If conditions are met, a standard can be solved simply by electronic solutions, we will choose that. We do not want to convince customers on the introduction of a management system, which is not consistent with the firm’s activities. However, we will advise you other management systems that can bring benefits to your company.
These policies present the quality of the Mav-IT Ltd. and it’s commitment towards the provision of quality services, but because economic life is neither static, the Mav-IT Ltd. is continuously monitoring customers' needs, and the continuing evolution must be built in to our quality policy and our daily work. This quality policy is implemented in the Mav-IT Ltd. and is reviewed at least once a year and adjusted it to real customer expectations.