System administrator service

The job of a fine IT system administrator is invisible.

This service of ours is perfect solution for small and medium-sized enterprises which do not employ full-time IT people and have more than five computers.

If there is no need for a full-time administrator presence, but still there is the need to make the IT systems quick and reliable, than it is the best to cooperate with an outside contractor to outsource the work to an appropriate administrator.


What are the 5 most important aspects of choosing an IT administrator?

  • References.Ask for at least three signed references and check them as well.
  • Constant availability. If trouble occurred, pick up the phone. Even in the evening and on weekends.
  • Cover the entire IT section. In case you need to develop a web page or consult the technical service.
  • Be affordable. It worth to consider outsourcing if it costs the same amount of money as a fulltime employee.
  • Be reliable. This position is a confidant position, such as the position of an accountant.

Our company is as accurate as possible in order to meet the expectations fully.  Our service pack divided into three price offers for your needs:


Service specification Economy Standard Prémium
Unlimited instant telephone and e-mail support within four hours. Assistance 10 hours a day. 8-18h 8-18h 24/7
Development of an automated data backup. Ok-icon Ok-icon Ok-icon
Web Hosting with correspondence, a corporate CMS website, mailing (/user). 3GB 6GB 12GB
Web-based (Group Office Pro) groupware system Ok-icon Ok-icon Ok-icon
Windows based file server (Free server) Ok-icon Ok-icon Ok-icon
In case of failure of a workstation tool we repair it for free and till it is working again we offer you a temporary one (laptop). *€* Ok-icon Ok-icon
Dedicated IP address for mailing an websites   Ok-icon Ok-icon
On-site work included in monthly fee.   max. 24h max. 40h
Free Network Attached Storage (NAS) device for saving data **   *€* Ok-icon
Mav-IT Data Archiving service for 5 year, unlimited amount of data. *€* *€* Ok-icon
Ensure erver and major network facilities to ensure uninterrupted power supply**.     Ok-icon
In case of workstations failure we grant free of charge replace device component (for desktop workstations,).     Ok-icon
The fee for the package per machine (Economy packages per user, net € / month) : 10,-*** 20,-* 40,-*

We provide server free of charge for every package. **.

* Package price can vary on your location + - 20 %. The exact price is formed together with you.
** The device is not owned by the client, instead you can use it free of charge during the validity period of the contract (our company take care of the maintenance and possible repairs) The server then included in the computers fleet to pay for (Economy packages users) and monthly fee is established on it. The server contain mail server In the Standard Edition package as needed, in case of Premium Package automatically (the mails are not kept on the web storage but on your server).
*** Minimum fee: 100,- € + VAT / month. If you need some related work on site for your request, you have can find the prizes HERE. 
*€* Optionally available for extra cost.

The three special condition of three administrator Economy package:

  • It is required for your company to occupy minimum one employee who is at least an advanced user and have competence in IT sector, this way it is easy to remotely solve issues.
  • The Economy package (unlike the other packages) is reckoned on the basis of user amount, not according to the number of computers (the server is a user count).
  • Standard fee for the first month package billed as standard package as there is the necessary site work, computers settling, local network and data saving.

For standard pack our staff is going to present at your office to search and fix bugs and problems in two hours on weekdays from 9:00 till 17:00 o’clock. Where hardware acquisition is necessary, (after consulting your representative) independently obtain the necessary parts. An important part of monitoring your system is prevention; therefore we constantly monitor the computer network trying to prevent the incident. There is no illness from our side- there is always someone to count on.

The operation work is always a major task for the responsible IT administrator. Under normal circumstances, the working of IT administrator is happening at the backstage of your company. This task becomes really important when a computer crash takes place in the enterprise holding off your workers to perform their operations during working. In case of computer failure, the data is not lost as it is stored on a server. If it happens that someone of your colleagues mistakenly deletes very important matter, it can be returned to a previous backup, or copied stage. You do not have to take care to things that are needlessly diverted to your attention and you can focus on the company's business decisions and real activities, as you have found a partner who can do it for you.  The work of a good IT system administrator is almost unnoticed: it only works really well if you get less spectacular cases happening and everything is handled in advance.

The work carried out by the administrator is highly confidential work, just as the work of a bookkeeper. Accordingly to this position, our employees makes a statement on privacy and makes sure that the work will strictly be kept between the two companies and we are never going to leak important date neither on accidentally mistake.

What does "Free server" mean in our company?

Much can happen if you take action now!Do not hesitate to contac us and start a new parnership!