Profi speditőr

The Professional Forwarder is designed for forwarder / forwarding companies who have a small number (1-5) of employees but dealing with large company contractors. In fact the Forwarder is a Professional Electronic travelling warrant creator in a complex web service, furthermore there is a dedicated interface for each sponsor and uses scanned (signed by the recipient, stamped ) lading recycling via email.


The program is designed for professional forwarder and freight companies, who typically work in small numbers and with the same customer for long term and the company want to serve its clients in the most professional manner. The Professional Forwarder connects a dedicated web interface for every entrusting. The regarding information regarding can be achieved there.

We can start the waybill from the start menu of the software. You can launch more freight at the same time. You can see and register the unread messages for specified license plate number of the recipient, drivers can also be selected. With the help of the top tabs you are capable of navigating between the different panels. There are two types of users: administrators and drivers. For the „driver” types of user the „Service” and "Overview" tab is not available. On the right panel, after the license plate number is selected will appear the waybill numbers that were created in the last five days. This is necessary to be able to continue abandoned waybills.

An overview can be obtained from motor vehicles data (a part of it is accessible for the constitutor also), such as the license plate number for the car, unloadable photo slots, technical Items (before the date of completion of mandate the system warns the user), a photo can be placed for the car about the engineering documents of the vehicle here and you can send a message to the driver on the license plate. The driver documents can also be uploaded as images. Notices posted on the board can be seen by all of the drivers, but not the customer.

The settings can be carried out in the service menu if it is entered as administrator. You can add partners to our clients and set the name and e- mail addresses to which the scanned and uploaded PDF documents are sent after the goods are delivered. The Account Attachment option allows a filtered list for clients to print; it can be used as account attachment. In the service menu the administrator can clamp the repairs and maintenance which is carried out, then we can filter that list pursuance time interval and registration.

During waybill is made, the drivers recording the transport section as they are waiting for download. The fixed sections appear immediately in the scope as well as in the client's own interface. An unlimited number of stages of freight can be recorded. This way the driver can lead more parallel way bills.