Add-on Modules

The additional modules are small applications that can be integrated into the menu of the purchased software; these modules add other useful functions to the host program. In the following list you can look through additional modules which has been complete, and you can notice their net monthly usage (license) fees also. The additional modules are only available supplementary, their roots belongs to the main program you have so you cannot use them separately.


Billing Light module

The billing module is one of the most popular supplementary modules. Its greatest advantage is that it is integrated into the program that is why it can pick up items directly from the billing and customer bases do not need to constantly keep in sync. The billing module is also suitable for the preparation of regular accounts (such as a perfect tool for postpaid services). Invoices can be sent via e-mail (it is not sending time-stamped e-bill, but „make  automated software bill" what is not electronic, paper format shall be kept by the customer. Thanks to this procedure there is no copy cost. The billing module is able to set the date according to the current legislation, it can handle the billed or prepaid imprint of the right and attach the invoice summary for multiple accounts services of the product in conform with the VAT and TV act. Copies of invoices for accounting can be downloaded as ZIP format and after extracting PDF files; it can be printed or forwarded to the accounts. The products and services can be recorded by group, which provides an excellent basis for a number of useful statistics and reports preparation.

The already finished accounts can be deleted, it is also possible to resend/retransmit them and modification accounts can also a useful option for the user. The billing module complies with all relevant legislation in force. Items can also be applied outside the host program, so it is easy to use as traditional accounting software can also be used.

The fee of the Billing Light module: 20,- € / month

Vehicle Registry supplementary Module

The vehicle registration module provides a solution to a typical problem what can be very annoying in the life of the company. It can cost a lot of money if the driver 's license or the documentary of the car exam expired. It is impossible to keep in mind all the expiration dates over 10-15 cars without registration or at least it is very uncomfortable to do it so. Vehicle registration module provides a solution for this problem: It warns us with a series of signs (the text become red, send SMS or e-mail messages…) of expiring documents. In addition, a complete electronic service manual is there for you, in which you can record an unlimited number of vehicle registration data, fixes, oil swaps and even the size of the tire as well. A very useful tool, try it as soon as possible!

The fee of the Vehicle Registration Module: 10,- € / month

Newsletter supplementary Module

The Newsletter module makes it easy and quick to send newsletters to e-mail addresses listed in the basic module. We can save and later open the already sent newsletters with modified text in them. This allows fast and yet uniform appearance type newsletter sending. The newsletters can contain links, images, or attached file. It is able to send letters to addresses from imported external CSV file.

The fee of the Newsletter Module: 5,- € / month


Pallet loading and planning supplementary module

The pallet loading and planning module is an essential tool for those carriers who regularly carry palletized goods. This module can calculate the amount of boxes (given size, weight) to put to a specified floor area or pallet. If the height is specified, it is able to calculate how many pieces from the same box we can place to the cargo area of the truck. The program taking into account how many units can be delivered in stackable order and how many can be put to the specified pallets. As a result, we get the required number of pallets and the software calculates the percentage utilization of the pallet.

The fee of this supplementary module: 5,- € / month

WebDoksi document registration and archiving system module

The main functions of WebDoksi document registration and archiving system are: incoming (supplier) accounts archiving and archiving of correspondence, contracts, scanned versions of the documents. All document types are listed below and are available for model parameters which you want to search in. Such parameters for the supplier accounts may be: the supplier's name, the amount of invoice or date of expire of the account. You can search in contracts list such as contact name or the subject matter of the contract. You can upload a variety of file formats, such as PDF, image and document formats. We are also capable of organizing the uploaded files into folders, tag them, download them and sent an e-mail to them.

The fee of the WebDoksi supplementary module: 10,- € / month