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os iconsAll web-based software, available some of those Android app. Our company sells exclusively in the context of the SaaS licensing programs, so software can be used through all monthly payment (or annual fee). We provide complete software solutions, e-mail and telephone support, and we are open for any further development of our products according to your requirements. browser icons All software used in the commonly available and used operating systems and browsers. (Except for Internet Explorer. Might be different in some browsers provide aesthetic result.) The Mav-IT Ltd. recommends the Mozilla Firefox browser to use this software. All products are supported by a barcode reader, and the use of mobile devices.

RapidSSL SEAL-90x50Safety of our customers is very important for us to use it via a secure SSL (SHA-1, RSA 2048-bit key encryption) channel software (Internet banking services in the same way). This virtually eliminates encryption to exchange data between your computer and the server sniff anyone, anywhere so you can feel free to use our software and services. wifiről public or munkahelyin other than internet connections. (However, regardless of this because of the security passwords on your device, it is recommended to use so do not enter your password for example internet cafe computer.)

Deliveo Delivery Software

Excellent tool for all courier services and delivery services where you want your customers to use modern web interface. The Deliveo delivery software is made up of three separate surfaces: a dedicated customer site, a mobile interface to the couriers, which is an instant packet sender with the opportunity to integrate it to the website and an administrative site to the dispatcher.

delivery software


The delivery software has been primarily invented for the mail order services, but it is also perfect for the spot (motor bike) delivery services as well. It dispose three interfaces:

  • It has a client side surface on which you can place your customers to send their orders over the web and they can follow the process of delivery. On the the same place they can maintain their own data, and they are able to download the label in PDF format as well as, the label is what you need to print in order to facilitate the work of the courier service and shall be attached to the package. In case of an active billing module, the invoices can be downloaded from here.
  • There is an administration section where the dispatchers (the person who transfers the allocation and meets the work of the courier) allocate tasks to the adequate courier. This is the main module, which means that it can function independently and therefore can be purchased independently.
  • An application (for Android) interface can be connected, optimized for courier to determine the uptake and release dates of the packages, and the reasons for any returns.
  • No limit for users: any number of dispatcher, curier and customer can use it in same time!
  • New orders forecast
  • Document can be uploaded for the orders (e.g. images, PDF)
  • New orders are allocated for the courier depending on their addresses of the accused and their addresses
  • Bouncing back management (retry delivery or return to sender)
  • Individual bounce back grounds specified (marked for the couriers delivery attempt)
  • Direct delivery and pick up selection options
  • Managing multiple cartages
  • Follow the positions of the couriers
  • Accountability of couriers on returned purchase fees, service charges and documents rotation
  • Generate daily suppliers list for the couriers
  • Multiple pack transport between sites and couriers (barcode reader)
  • Export opportunities for other programs
  • Cartage type Handling (Normal, arrive and return, round and star freight transport)
  • Multiple Package pickup and delivery
  • Multiple package sending from the client interface from CSV file
  • Different types of statistics (global, per- client and per delivery)
  • Send text to the administrator of the new order arrived
  • E- mail and SMS sending option on delivery day delivery for the consignee
  • Recommitment (groups as well)
  • Immediate billing with an active and integrated billing module
  • Handling Saturday delivery, fuel surcharge and insurance management
  • Send SMS directly to the courier
  • Standard fees can be set per client, and native billing module
  • Signature on smartphone display (Only with Android app!)
  • Sound alarm (Only with Android app!)
  • Courier's position display on Google map (Only with Android app!)
  • Offline packet operation (Only with Android app!)
  • Packet operation via barcode reading with smartphone-camera
  • Multi language interface for customers, dispatcher and couriers
Android app for Deliveo delivery software

In table below You can see, what differences of browser-based curier interface and the Android application. Beware if You use Android app for Deliveo delivery software, smartphone operating time may be reduced. On SMS sending, could be extra cost.

Function Browser Android App
Works with most popular smartphone OS (IOS, Windows, Android, Blackberry...) Ok-icon  
No need to download and install: ready to start Ok-icon  
Self-updated in background Ok-icon  
Packet pick-up and delivery, service fee displaying Ok-icon Ok-icon
Off-line operations (syncing when online again)   Ok-icon
Signature on Android smartphone display   Ok-icon
Barcode-based packet operations (barcode reading with smartphone's camera)   Ok-icon
Tracking position of curiers on Google map   Ok-icon
Alarm if new task arrives (sound and vibration)   Ok-icon

Netto prices of Deliveo delivery software:

Native modules* Monthly fee
Main module Full-feature multi language administration interface. 69,- € + VAT
Client interface + WIM Contract customers can order courier, and tracking their packages. 19,- € + VAT
Android app + Web Courier Interface Prices per courier. 1,- € + VAT

PDF flowchart downloadable here.

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Below you can see a photo gallery of the program in screen images. (The picture gallery does not appear on a mobile device)

Add-on Modules

The additional modules are small applications that can be integrated into the menu of the purchased software; these modules add other useful functions to the host program. In the following list you can look through additional modules which has been complete, and you can notice their net monthly usage (license) fees also. The additional modules are only available supplementary, their roots belongs to the main program you have so you cannot use them separately.


The WebDepo is an online, web-based warehouse management software. This program was developed on the basis of our experience with our long-term cooperation with transport/warehousing companies. This software provides easy and flexible communication between the user company and its customers. The WebDepo offers every user/customer a dedicated web interface, from where they can collect the necessary information and can monitor of products/articles in the warehouse and during the distribution. Customers have the possibility to add new articles to product list, and create the different parameters of the product (weight, size, parcel, units, etc.).

Online raktár szoftver

The main functions of WebDepo

  • Unlimited number of customer login interfaces can be used simultaneously.
  • Clients can track and manage their own stock, as if they treat their own warehouse.
  • Warehouses on different location can be managed.
  • You can create as many warehouse location as your need requires.
  • Movements between warehouses and warehouse location can be followed and documented.
  • Print the delivery note.
  • Stock clearance documentation.
  • All operations are logged and traceable.
  • Product creations (more product products, namely: assembling, or kit , package production ) Creating new products from existing products. (blistering, set creation, assembling)
  • SMS notification in case of new handling requests Document or photo can be attached to the articles in warehouse.

Netto prices:

Native modules* Mothly fee
Main module. Full-feature multi language administration interface. 100,- €
Customer interface. (Contract customers can see and manage their own through their goods, as if it were their own stock.) 20,- €
Product composition and decomposition. Two or more third production of a product, a commodity or demolition of a number of separate product. 10,- €

If a reliable, proven and easy to use program you want to use with minimum investment at that suited to the partners of their own to deal with access stored their goods, the WebDepo warehouse manager software is the best choice.

AutoSmart - where the advantage of simplicity!

AutoSmart is the solution to primarily administrative needs of small automotive repair services, but it has been successfully applied by air conditioning mechanics, car mechanics and tire business as well. Includes customer, vehicle and material records and can produce worksheets. It stores all completed worksheets and have the ability to search in them. Any number of ongoing repairs can be simultaneously managed and provides a simple integrated storage management tool. The Auto Smart is designed for the automotive repair garages that have outgrown the spiral booklet notebook and a simple spreadsheet no longer provides an adequate alternative.

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Other software products

On this page we will be the software products that are narrower because of the user layer is not widely used. There is a product which has been developed specifically for a client, but there is no obstacle that the product would be useful for your business, then please use it. The products under review can be found a few short sentences. If this sparked your interest, we look forward to our request.

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Profi speditőr

The Professional Forwarder is designed for forwarder / forwarding companies who have a small number (1-5) of employees but dealing with large company contractors. In fact the Forwarder is a Professional Electronic travelling warrant creator in a complex web service, furthermore there is a dedicated interface for each sponsor and uses scanned (signed by the recipient, stamped ) lading recycling via email.

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