Software Development

Spending a two hour parking fee budget daily on developing and maintaining custom software for your company will surely pay off as you are going to be able to: control your administration at a much higher level, manage your targets more precisely, be able to fulfill different costumer needs much quicker, own a capacity to have a much divers and more quality made service portfolio in global.

We strongly believe at Mav-IT Ltd. that it is very important for companies to receive the proper IT treatment and the one who treat this sector have to be well chosen to provide superior performance in all fields. That is why the Mav-IT Ltd. specializes in software development field and able to provide the preparation of the individual web based software on independent platform. The many advantages of web-based software’s are the keys to own the one which affects your company the best. You only need an internet connected computer and no further installation, the program is browser based so it can be used anywhere and countless people at the same time. Updating the web-based software is very simply, it happens real-time and simultaneously updates all copies. Outsource the time consuming routine work to our software and take a trip to some more beautiful places.

Why the web based software is so handy?

software development
  • Because wherever you are in the world you can access your work easily. You only need Internet and web browser.
  • The data is in much more secure in a server room than on your own server in the office.
  • Nothing is installed to your computer. In case you delete your browsing history, nothing points out that you are using software and what is stored in it.

Why is it better to develop software for your activities rather than buying a boxed ready to use solution?

  • You are able to use it right after you have signed the contract. Unlimited users, unlimited number of computers.
  • It works just like you ordered it to work. Ideal for your colleagues and yourself.
  • Your company is going to save travel costs and work time due to the online operation. I'd rather go for a weekend in Paris.

The box solution has two main problems; all comes from the fact that it is not tailor made for your exact needs: it is not performing the needed acts for your daily routine or very likely it has several menus and functions which you will never use.

It usually missing something what you would really need or offer several modules and modes which are not important and useful for your company. Your company is going to race with major competitive advantage in the market.

Our company is open towards new technologies and services, so our software products are there for you to reach under the increasingly popular SaaS license. SaaS means software as a service and it is an exception to the traditional approach. You don’t use an installable software product in this method, you rather use software’s through the internet, which you don’t have to replace after a while for a newer one but we constantly upgrade it for the market and your needs. The Mav -IT Ltd. partners can increase this way quickly, sat and replace the best modules and functions for the applications, do not occur hardware investment fee for them, don’t have to occupy experienced security professionals and are able to focus on their method of work to perform.

May we offer a ready-made solution for your activity? Please look through the finished products list!

Basically, the main difference between the two license packet is that Economy licensed customers do not have the right for new developments only bug fixes, while this option is open to unlimited customers licensed for the premium license. Since the contract is for three years, the opportunity to transfer between the various licenses is open every three years (it is possible to upgrade to premium license from economy even during this period). The fee of Economy license includes a onetime coaching (outside of Budapest 50 € / km for travel expenses), according to our decision the coaching can be repeated (by clicking here you can find information on this). All software’s are under constant development, so it is possible for you to find new menus when you first use the software those must be upgraded parts made for the users by site the operators.

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