Social responsibility

tars szerepThe Mav -IT Ltd. is intensively committed to visible and valuable social role. Our company always performs according to this phenomenon and ideology, the following activities and donations are beyond business objectives and profit. Mav -IT Ltd. truly consider the interests of the wider society by taking into account the personal supply latent needs, the impact on the broader living environment and recognize the social aspects of useful activities of others and offer a helping hand or cooperation plan in several occasions to them. The following activities of the Mav -IT Ltd. cover our ideology as we try to move in within our modest capabilities to the respective customer social standard of living and quality of life improvement.


The Mav -IT Ltd. offers 30 % discount of the service fee to non-profit organizations and foundations. If you want to avail the opportunity, please write to the managing director of our company. Eligibility must be proven with foundation document, statute or a copy of court order. (If you have these documents available on the official website of the organization, it is enough to send the link). The list of the areas of our activity in which we are ready to lend you reduction:

  • Software licenses
  • Administrative support
  • Data storage
  • New software development
  • Web hosting (hosting, domain and site preparation)
  • This list covers nearly all of our activities.


Free IT training

We are committed to provide an education free of charge yearly for non-profit foundations, other non-profit organizations or the ones who are deeply involved and interested in the subject.


The Mav -IT Ltd. operates a freely accessible on-line, an ever-expanding knowledge base platform, where the company publishes answers to IT related questions or issues.