Free server

Where more than 5-10 workstations can be found as time goes by the files and mails are going to increase above an amount which cannot be organized without IT administrative support and the use of a host computer (server) with which you can exploit your full potential and opportunities. Unfortunately, these devices are not so cheap. A server machine for a 10-person midsized company (including the hardware and software requirements as well) can reach 1000-5000 €, which is not negligible in the life of an enterprise.

Save money and use the Mav -IT Ltd. server for FREE!


Obtaining the first server is always a milestone in the life of the enterprise. There can be find commonly used applications (running on a server) which simplify and controls the communications in the company and help you to create very effective team working. This can only be achieved if this tools are organized and implemented to your basic system. Without being exhaustive:

  • Centralized, regular backups - no more nuisances while creating a backup!
  • Faster and more controlled between the two workstations during file sharing
  • Restoring the accidentally deleted, overwritten files by using shadow copying
  • Storing data in a centralized location allows staff to easily and quickly reach their important information
  • Mirrored volumes can significantly increase speed and data security

Our company recognized the need for these solutions for companies. Our firm ensures freely the optimal server for the ideal work environment!

No hidden obligations, no other costs. What only happen is that your computer park will contain one more piece, thus the monthly maintenance fee is proportionately increase with +1 workstation cost. (Of course, the server is not owned by you , however, the contractual relationship persist ensure its use. For the event of a server failure, all cost occurred is ours, we are responsible for the installed software be ourselves. So there is no other thing left for you to do than the click the button to indicate that you wish a personal meeting and you can go forward above the usual IT equipment maintenance. Of course, the server system is secured and overlooked by our IT administrators.

Would you like to place your data into a safe and secure area? We have a strong idea of that.

Much can happen if you take action now!Do not hesitate to contac us and start a new parnership!