Risk Assessment

We take on the 1993/XCIII. safety risk assessment provided for Occupational Safety and Health (risk analysis), we fulfill all of the tasks , and activities of it. We assume the process of the risk assessment under the provisions of the relevant legislation, we occupy experts carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. The risk analysis will help you to realistically estimate the risk of accidents at work, thereby reducing the number of accidents resulting an injury during working, hereby reducing the labor likelihood of failure. We offer you our services for the full preparation of the risk assessment (risk estimation or risk analysis).

risk assessment

The risk assessment should be fixed within six months of the commencement of the activity for the activity belonging to Class I, for activities belonging to Class II or III the risk assessment should be completed within one year and reviewed annually.

The risk assessment should include at least:

  • the work equipment used,
  • dangerous substances and preparations,
  • the stress factors,
  • layout of the workplace

The employer must take into account the following general requirements if it comes to risk analysis:

  • First task is to avoid danger,
  • Unavoidable hazard assessment,
  • Overcome the dangers at place they occurred,
  • The human factor is taken into account in the workplaces of the devices and workflow selection, in particular to avoid the monotony, the fixed rate of work duration to mitigate or reduce the adverse effects of the organization of working time, the psychosocial risks associated with work induced stress,
  • The use of the technical improvements (and a comparison of the risk assessment points),
  • Replace the hazardous operations to non-hazardous or less hazardous,
  • Unified and comprehensive approach to prevent activities and design that covers the processes, technology, organization of work , working conditions, social relationships and work environmental factors influence,
  • The primacy of collective over individual shield of technical protection,
  • Supplying appropriate instructions to the workers (the risk assessment is an important part of it!).

During risk rating of at least the following should be documented:

  • Date of risk assessment, place and subject matter, the identity of the assessor,
  • Identifying hazards (Risk assessment is one of the most important milestone of this process)
  • Identify the number of people affected,
  • Risk based aggravating factors,
  • The risks qualitative or quantitative assessment comprising with the existing situation to determine whether the circumstances meet the standards of health and safety and risk assessment, which is guaranteed to maintain a low level in accordance with the risks,
  • Mark the responsible team for the necessary preventive measures and evaluating risks is a must,
  • Set the date of the revision,
  • The date of the previous risk assessment,

The completion of risk assessment constitutes a safety and occupational health specialist activity; it can only be carried out by appropriately qualified professionals. The risk assessment should be carried out in the area of chemical safety under the separate legislation.

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