The Mav-IT Ltd always keep in mind both its own and its clients environmental impact minimization at their premises.
The Mav -IT Ltd. is perfectly aware that during the acquisition of devices it is immensely important determining the optimal technical characteristics, consumption and environmental impacts affecting other parameters, we evermore propose the account the right device to purchase. The experience of Mav -IT Ltd. and its customers experience shows that lower power devices take care of the environment, but also conserve the wallet of the clients hence those are preferred.
The Mav -IT Ltd. uses predominantly remanufactured supplies and electronic devices, furthermore we continuously maintain and outdate its computing devices, several occasions change them to more economical versions.
The Mav-IT Ltd. operates only energy efficient light sources in its office. Our company revises the handed server in our "Free Server" program on the basis of services delivered within the framework of energy efficiency considerations, and only offers the necessary size and power consumption server for the client to use.