Without effective IT support work? Now this he did not mean no one. Rely on us for efficient IT solutions! The recipe for smooth and efficient IT background:

  1. Reliable computers
  2. Optimal server
  3. Experienced system administrator

If you no longer believe that this can be solved in-house, then the best place.

System administrator service

The job of a fine IT system administrator is invisible.

This service of ours is perfect solution for small and medium-sized enterprises which do not employ full-time IT people and have more than five computers.

If there is no need for a full-time administrator presence, but still there is the need to make the IT systems quick and reliable, than it is the best to cooperate with an outside contractor to outsource the work to an appropriate administrator.

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Free server

Where more than 5-10 workstations can be found as time goes by the files and mails are going to increase above an amount which cannot be organized without IT administrative support and the use of a host computer (server) with which you can exploit your full potential and opportunities. Unfortunately, these devices are not so cheap. A server machine for a 10-person midsized company (including the hardware and software requirements as well) can reach 1000-5000 €, which is not negligible in the life of an enterprise.

Save money and use the Mav -IT Ltd. server for FREE!

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Do you want your stuff working from home or outside location? We have solution for both.

We have seen very different working methods. We just have learned, that the way we did it a few years ago, is not any more efficient enough today, and we need to change for tomorrow also. Associates are spending lot of time with traveling between offices, home, customers. Saving time, means saving money. Working from home, on location is saving time, office pace, equipment, etc.  

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Software Development

Spending a two hour parking fee budget daily on developing and maintaining custom software for your company will surely pay off as you are going to be able to: control your administration at a much higher level, manage your targets more precisely, be able to fulfill different costumer needs much quicker, own a capacity to have a much divers and more quality made service portfolio in global.

We strongly believe at Mav-IT Ltd. that it is very important for companies to receive the proper IT treatment and the one who treat this sector have to be well chosen to provide superior performance in all fields. That is why the Mav-IT Ltd. specializes in software development field and able to provide the preparation of the individual web based software on independent platform. The many advantages of web-based software’s are the keys to own the one which affects your company the best. You only need an internet connected computer and no further installation, the program is browser based so it can be used anywhere and countless people at the same time. Updating the web-based software is very simply, it happens real-time and simultaneously updates all copies. Outsource the time consuming routine work to our software and take a trip to some more beautiful places.

Why the web based software is so handy?

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Data archiving

Even if the backup saves are quite regular in your company, a problem arises: where and how to store it safely but, if it is necessary, being able to quickly access complete backup files? The Mav-IT Ltd. staff has over a decade of experience; they know that every aspect of proper storage of backups is not easy to do. Think about it: it is not so lucky to store inside a building, as in case of fire, water, or other elemental damage the files can be lost. Taking home is not appropriate either for this purpose unless you buy a vault. In addition, even if you are a small firm with 10 to 15 people - depending on the type of work – a huge amount of backup files can occur. This archive have to be archived at least monthly, if we multiply by twelve, up to 1.5 TB of data can be generated each year. It is not advised to store in one hard disc the data of several years, since in case of failure once in a while you are going to lose several years of data.

What is the solution then?

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