ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 is designed to control the processes of sound environmental load reduction factory and to certifying it by an independent third party, thereby ensuring a low degree of pollution that is relevant to economic needs and the prospects of companies. As environmental care is a working and important element through the European Union, the local companies are increasingly requiring subcontractors and suppliers the existence of quality management system next to the environmental management system or at least applicants who have this system installed have a big advantage over the ones which don’t have it yet.


Who should implement the ISO 14001 environmental management system?

It worth for all those companies who have an impact on their environment (air pollution, water pollution, health harmful substances, odors, noise emission) and it proposed to introduce the ISO 14001 scheme, you can also integrate it with other systems already in place (if the ISO 9001 quality management system is already operating in your pattern, it is highly recommended to integrate).

It is also extremely useful for those companies who want to save money on utility bills ... how? Read more!

Why should you implement the ISO 14001 environmental management system?

  • As soon as you introduced the ISO 14001 standard, you have the following positive effects:
  • More and more application and legislation standard will require ISO 14001 certification, its’ existence is getting more a more important in the future.
  • You can count on decreasing of the following as you introduce a the system: energy consumption (and the total amount of your utility bills ... ), the emission, the waste (less waste is usually cheaper to carry out ...), environmental risk, last but not least the chance of environmental fines ( there are situations certainly when the penalty itself is more important than protecting the environment...).
  • The company's social and market community perception will be hugely improved and further domestic and export markets are there for you to reach, more are getting retainable and continuously expandable.

The development of environmental management systems:

1. Preparation

  • The mapping of business processes, possible environmental endangering elements and the environmental stress burden of the business processes,
  • The examination of the available documentation,
  • The precise structuring of the laws and standards to be complied with for the company,
  • The designation of environmental management leader (a member of the firm 's management, who deals with the system onward - our consultant communicates primarily with him or her),
  • The assign and deployment of resources (time, money, and equipment) needed to deploy the ISO 14001 environmental management system.

2.The preparation of the needed environment control document system for ISO 14001.

  • Define the Environmental Policy,
  • Set environmental targets (program wise on special occasions),
  • Completion of an environmental management manual ( or integrated manual in case of existing ISO 9001 QMS system),
  • Procedure Instructions development,
  • Environmental goals and plans to achieve program Certificates, application forms, etc…
  • Elaborate the written arrangements section of the system with the help of the environment specialist and we suit it to the specificities of the company,
  • The operation of the EMS is happening after approval by the written rules,
  • The system will develop further during operation, which has to be improved and developed on the basis of initial experience,

3.The introduction of environmental management system

  • Internal audit,
  • Management review,
  • Train and recheck the control of the environmental management system by the staff,
  • Accurate identification, assessment and evaluation of the environment effects,
  • Organization of internal communication (based on the management decision),
  • The definition and implementation of the necessary corrective and preventive actions,
  • The checking of functioning EMS (ISO 14001 ), by adequacy measurements.

To win and retain customer trust, it is certainly necessary to obtain certification and availability of an environmental management system and to set the standards of compliance with the international standard.

4.The process of certification:

  • Pre-audit (not optional),
  • Documentation auditor overseeing,
  • Site Audit (this is already known by many, his is the period when the certification agency spend most of the day along with auditors),
  • Making audit report (the award of Audit Report and certificate in general cases),
  • Receiving certificates, it is the start of a three year long period (the standard does not require the sort of company parties , they spread ... )

The time necessity of the deployment of ISO 9001 system depending on the needs of the company's manpower and the complexity of activities, this approximately takes 2-6 months time. The certification lasts 3 years; it requires an annual surveillance audit.

We take the ISO 14001 Enviromental Management System deployment and ongoing care, meaning the documentation kept up to date, the holding of training courses, and the preparation of inspection and re- certification audit as well.

Much can happen if you take action now!Do not hesitate to contac us and start a new parnership!