Fire safety

According to the 1996th year XXXI . 19 ß Act ( 1 ),  farmers, legal persons , legal and non- individual legal entities, organizations , with participating in work more than five family members or if you employ more than fifty persons or in the case of extremely flammable and explosive classification and public accommodation must prepare fire protection regulations .

Is it mandatory to prepare fire safety rules?


What the fire protection regulations needs to include?

The fire protection regulations must specify the followings:

The task of fire protection organization , structure, operational and management policy, as well as rules for the financing of the facility (facilities), construction for, fire zones or in areas, open spaces , fire hazard zone classification and the occasional fire protection rules, relating thereto, the requirements for the activities, written list of persons to determine the conditions necessary for carrying out the occasional fire hazardous activities.

Fire Protection tasks and qualification and documentation requirements for employees regarding fire safety education. Listing of entitled workers, rescue technical functions relating to the operation of the fire brigades.

Listing of education policy related fire protection activity, the tasks for fire alarm, fire brigade activity, or in case of need for first aid activity, provisioning rules for the remuneration of the members.

Emergency plan

Who must prepare emergency plan?

  • Emergency plan should be submitted To The Fire Safety Regulations:
  • Buildings, classified as A-C fire hazardous class,
  • The cultural, education, health and social facilities.
  • Facilities, where more than 300 people can stay in the same time.
  • Commercial accommodation facilities.
  • Temporary or permanently, operating musical entertainment venues, where more than 50 people can stay in the same time.

What the emergency plan must include?

  • The fire alarm operation mode.
  • The regulation how to alarm the fire brigade and those, who are staying in the facility in case of fire.
  • The regulation for departing the building in case of fire.
  • The necessary tasks for employees in case of fire operation of fire safety equipment, fire-fighting and rescue, law enforcement, technological process shutdown, power off, etc.).
  • Naming of the main sources of danger (refer to the protective rules).
  • The facility layout , floor -by- floor plans indicating The fire safety equipment (assets), central shut-off valves (switches) and the water seeking sites.
  • Implementing the tasks, as required by the Fire Alarm Plan and exercise it at least once per year and dominating the result of the exercise.

Fire safety training

The 1996th year XXXI . Law ß 22 ( 3 ) provides that : The employer shall provide the employee or Family member, participating in work fire safety education and periodic training, and their job related fire protection knowledge, The employer has to ensure that all the employees must be a master of fire safety regulation, handling fire safety equipment, and their task in case of fir alarm. The employer can not employ anybody, who is not taken fire safety education, has not taken examination of fire security.

Fire protection specialist employment and training.

According to the 32 /2002 Coll. (December 12th ) BM decree, the professional disaster management bodies , the fire brigades and fire protection specialist industry employees the following qualification requirements and is a must:

Person qualified special fire protection secondary educate on can be promoted for the below tasks:
  • "A" and “B”- class fire hazard facility if the number of employed persons max. 100 people.
  • "C" class fire hazard facility if the number of employed persons maxes. 200 people. In case of employing handicapped people, the number of employed persons cannot exceed 100 people.
  • "D" - "E" fire hazard class facility, in case of employing handicapped people, the number of employed persons cannot exceed 100 people.
  • That means, that kindergarten, hospital, buildings, hosting handicapped and aged people need to employ fire safety specialist, who has higher than secondary fire safety education and exam, since 2003.
With Fire Security High School educations and exam  is needed to act as Fire Security Supervisor in where:
  • Full-time fire brigade works.
  • "A" - "B" class fire hazard zone, room, in which more than 50 people at the same time work.
  • "A" - "B" highly classified section is located; Where more than 100 handicapped person is working or staying in the same time.
  • Facility with "C" class fire hazard zone, where the number of employed persons are in excess of 200 employees.

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