Data archiving

Even if the backup saves are quite regular in your company, a problem arises: where and how to store it safely but, if it is necessary, being able to quickly access complete backup files? The Mav-IT Ltd. staff has over a decade of experience; they know that every aspect of proper storage of backups is not easy to do. Think about it: it is not so lucky to store inside a building, as in case of fire, water, or other elemental damage the files can be lost. Taking home is not appropriate either for this purpose unless you buy a vault. In addition, even if you are a small firm with 10 to 15 people - depending on the type of work – a huge amount of backup files can occur. This archive have to be archived at least monthly, if we multiply by twelve, up to 1.5 TB of data can be generated each year. It is not advised to store in one hard disc the data of several years, since in case of failure once in a while you are going to lose several years of data.

What is the solution then?

data archiving

We maintain backups even for five years; in addition we're going home for the data’s.

The Mav-IT Ltd. assumes you to visit your place for the actual monthly data and (in strict confidence) keep it up to five years. The data is stored in non-accessible, fire and flood proof safe location, and 48 hours after the last emergency event deliver the last saved data to your place. The exact storage location is kept confidential and kept in secret after a possible emergency data recovery service.

You can calculate with the following small tool what the monthly fee will be if you wish to use our service retention:

1. Data management fee. What is the amount of data you need to store?
 GB to 50 GB 20,- €. Minimal fee: 20,- €. All other 10 GB + 4,- €.
2. Travel costs. How far is the place from which the data should be taken?
 km The fee of the transport: 0,2€ / km.
3. Storage fee. How long do you want to store the data?
Minimum 1 year, maximum 5 years.
20 € + VAT / month.

In the case of data loss, compensation includes restitution once a year. If we perform administrative activities at you, you don’t have anything else to do than order our service, all the technical issues are going to be solved. In case you are not yet our client for administrative tasks , a staff of Mav-IT Ltd. downloads to his or her own portable drive under the data limit of 100 GB, then come back with the data filled system to save it for you. Over 100 GB of date amount we leave there a spare hard disc drive for you, and our employee will just replace the portable drive.

For the exact technical liaising contact us by phone.


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