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The Mav-IT Ltd. is committed to the long-term cooperation with businesses partner for 16 years.

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Our company offers the needed corporate management systems for small and mid-sized firms. In case you give us an opportunity, our company is going to convince you that with the use of our products and services you will be able to set your business to the most modern, quick and effective track. We are convinced that we can add very important assets to your daily working methods. Let's talk it over a coffee how can we create and provide salutary and rapidly remuneratory solutions.

Management systems

Do you need ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP or OHSAS system? The audit is impending and do not know what to do? Our company is the best firefighter.

System administrator service

Outsourced system IT administrator - only 10€ /computer/month? Shock yourself and contact us.

Software development

Do you struggling with your boxed software which is miles away from your every day activity? Now an opportunity occurred, we persuade you to change this way of working.

Effective remedy against the compromises: a personalized Web application.

Fed up with the must to operate with boxed and pre-made software products to fulfill your needs? Can't find tailor made software for the activity of your company? Don’t let you bother this. Read on please!

Don't settle for anything less!  You are able to own and use personalized software for the fee of a downtown parking. In addition, it will pay off in the very near future.

We strongly believe that, it is impossible to perform the best quality standard in every section of the programing area (neither in other areas of life). Therefore, the Mav-IT Ltd. points out that our strength is in the IT programing and cross-platform WEB-based software development. One of the most important advantages of many that the web based software can be run on every computer connected to the internet (router or even stick as a safety net) without installation, so your stuff can work simultaneously on different part of the world with the same software at the same time.

Software products


Approaching the ISO 9001 audit?

Just don't panic. Your company can equip up to rapidly upcoming ISO 9001 surveillance or recertification audit concerning. In addition to excellent relations with numerous domestic and international certification office, using, if necessary, we will review whether we are cheaper certificate office.

Will Call You Back?

* Not only is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 (EMS), or OHSAS system review can help you prepare for

Who is working at your company in the role of IT administrator?


No one? Then everything works fine. In any other cases let us take care of effective IT solutions!

Not everything is cheaper, which costs less money for a term or period. A freelance administrator from outside of the box surely sees your IT solutions differently. Good ideas will come into surface and you are going to know how to make them happen. I assure you: we know better what you need than you know it from the inside.

The consultation does not cost money, but the benefits of it will occur at your side. Would like to try it?

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We know that our customers love us.

However for the sake of continuous quality improvement of our service, our company uses an electronic questionnaire to regularly check satisfaction level of our customers. The results will be published on a regular basis to ensure you the clear and whole picture.

Our customers really love us.

Why? Here they describe.

System Administrator service packages

Efficient work without IT support? Now days it is not a serious attitude. Entrust us to provide you with effective IT solutions!

Economy package
10 € + VAT per month
Unlimited phone, remote desktop and e-mail support
Data recovery development, supervision
Web hosting (mail+web) for 1 CMS website
Web based groupware system
Remote desktop access for each employees
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Standard package
20 € + VAT per month
Economy package +
Unlimited site work
Replacement of the defective pc instead
IT security policy development
Information technology training

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Premium package
40 € + VAT per month
Economy + Standard package +
Free NAS for backup
Free small business server
Unlimited data archiving, for 5 years
Uninterruptible power supply
Repair parts for free
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